The future role of hydrogen transmission in EU and Sweden

Hydrogen webinar

How can hydrogen transmission contribute and play a greater role in the work packages of Mistra Electrification? That was the general question in a hydrogen webinar recently arranged by Mistra Electrification.

9 May Mistra Electrification arranged a hydrogen webinar, with the purpose to highlight, gain knowledge and discuss how hydrogen transmission, as a complementary infrastructure, can be integrated in the work of the programme. 20 representatives from academic partners and non-academic partners of the programme participated.


  • Introduction, Filip Johnsson, programme director Mistra Electrification
  • Intro Nordion Energi, Anna-Karin Jannasch, Senior Project Manager Business Innovation, Nordion Energi
  • The future role of hydrogen transmission in EU & Sweden, Anna-Karin Jannasch
  • Nordion Energi Hydrogen – vision/aims, example of projects, Björn Santana Andersson, Deputy Managing Director Hydrogen, Nordion Energi
  • Sector integrated electricity/hydrogen infrastructures for an optimized energy system, Anna-Karin Jannasch
  • Questions and Discussion

The presentation from the webinar can be found here.