The vision of Mistra Electrification is to accelerate the development towards a sustainable and efficient energy system.

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The First Year

We are proud to present the first annual report for Mistra Electrification, a new research programme on electrification of our Society that launched on June 1st, 2021. Dig in and read about the activities and achievements in the five work packages during the first seven months of the programme.

Mistra Electrification Annual Report 2021

About our research

The programme has a shared leadership between Energiforsk and Chalmers University of Technology. Energiforsk acts program host, having responsibility for the overall management and administration, while scientific leadership is provided by Chalmers University of Technology. An additional four academic partners are involved in the research conducted in the five interlinked work packages (WP1-5).

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The group of strong academic researchers and the partner industries of this program forms an influential network.