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WP4 – Social acceptability of energy infrastructure

The aim of WP4 is to understand the social acceptability of the energy infrastructure solutions identified in WP2 as necessary to achieve climate neutrality.


Objectives of WP4

  • To estimate future potential locations for wind power and levels of deployment density based on historical geospatial data (also to inform WP2).
  • To identify the technological pathways and spatial locations for deployment that are expected by stakeholders and experts to be controversial with the public generally and local communities in particular.
  • To investigate how the different technological solutions obtained in WP2 are represented and accepted by the public at the societal and local community levels and by officials and company representatives.
  • To understand the roles that citizens are willing to play in enabling sustainable energy transitions, for example as prosumers or investors, and how these might vary across social groups, personal characteristics and spatial areas.
  • To advance understanding of the socio-spatial aspects of technological pathways, specifically the compatibility between particular landscapes and specific technological solutions (e.g., large-scale wind power) using mapping methodologies.

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