Electrification is key for a sustainable Society

Karin Reuterskiöld, Chair of the Board, Mistra Electrification Programme.

That the past year has posed many challenges, not least with regard to energy systems, is an understatement. The situation has increasingly shone the spotlight on the basic research questions of Mistra Electrification.

Research and the general mutual understanding of basic facts are even more important today, and that is where our program is essential and can make a significant contribution.

Let me just take the example of electricity prices, where Mistra Electrification through its research has shown that a lower electricity demand would result in substantially lower prices. In September 2022, when the report was published, it became a major game changer within the Swedish energy narrative, and it contributed significantly to both understanding and future planning.

Given the dramatic and rapidly changing world events, it is interesting to note that the five project pillars of Mistra Electrification, that is the work packages, retain their relevance. For example, the roles of policies and decision-making and the various consequences of the transition to increased electrification remain as important topics. The Programme Board and I are really looking forward to hearing more about the findings and participating in the discussions.

Mistra Electrification enjoyed a good start during 2022, and it will be very interesting to see what the research and knowledge building will bring us in 2023 and onwards. One thing is certain – collaborations between academia, the business community and Society at large will be crucial for the success for the program and in defining the ways in which we can contribute to the transition to a more sustainable Society.

Karin Reuterskiöld
Chair of the Board
Mistra Electrification Programme